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The Unified Government (UG) Procurement & Contract Compliance delivers the best value product or service to the customer in a timely basis while maintaining the public's trust and fulfilling public policy objectives.

All businesses will be afforded the opportunity, whether large or small, to share in selling your goods or services to the Unified Government. Therefore, we have prepared a list of information that’s available to you to assist you in doing business with the City.

Prospective bidders should especially note the step-by-step procedures for submitting a bid and complying with bid requirements. These procedures include those required by State law and rules and regulations adopted by the UG of Wyandotte County/Kansas City, KS.

Supplier Registration

We accept online bids on select bids & RFPs.

Note: There is an option to create and print your Bid Form from the web site. This allows you to create and print your bid using an easy online form rather than making it manually.


Ethics is a fundamental principle within the public procurement profession. The UG Purchasing employees adhere to various codes of ethics, which includes the State of Kansas, Wyandotte County, City of Kansas City, KS and the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP).

To strengthen the City-Supplier relationship and maintain honor, integrity, honesty, good faith, trust, cooperation, and understanding in our business relationship and overall procurement process, both parties will adhere to these codes of ethics.