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Supplier Help

To understand how online bidding works with the Unified Government, please review our Supplier's Guide. It is available in both PDF and HTML formats:

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. I've already registered with the UG in the past but I can't log into the web site to view bids. What's going on?

If you registered before July 1, 2009 you have probably only registered for a Supplier Number with the UG. You need to get a Web Site Account. Click here to go to the Web Site Registration Form.

If you have a Web Site Account (you login with your email address) but have forgotten your password, go to the Forgotten Password page to have it sent to you.

2. What's the difference between this Supplier Registration Form and the Web Site Registration form?

The Supplier Registration form allows you to apply for a UG Supplier Number. This is required to do business with the UG. A Supplier Number can take up five business days to be assigned.

The Web Site Registration form is a short form that allows you to get started viewing and downloading bid documents right away. You register using your email address as your login ID and a password of your choice. Approval is immediate!

3. Sometimes I get an error message after I log into the web site, when I'm trying to view a particular bid.

This can occur if "cookies" are being blocked. A web browser cookie is like a small tag attached to each request you make to the web site. It is used to determine if you have logged into the site or not yet. It is not harmful in any way and it is safe to enable cookies on our web site.

Cookies can be blocked by a number of different things. Some examples include:

  • Your web browser
  • A software firewall running on your machine (ZoneAlarm, etc.)
  • An antivirus or security suite software running on your machine (Norton Internet Security, McAffe Security Suite, etc)
  • A hardware firewall running between your machine and our web server (possibly your company's firewall)

Please consult your software or hardware's documentation to find out how to disable cookie-blocking or consult your company's IT staff.

4. How do I know the site is secure and my bid can't be seen by other vendors?

Your bids are protected by the security mechanisms we've implemented in the site. First, your login and password allow only you to see your bids. So don't share your password with anyone! Other vendors can only see their bids and no one else's.

Second, the bidding data itself is protected by multiple layers of network firewalls. (A firewall is a device that prevents unauthorized entry to our network).

Finally, even UG personnel must be authorized to have access to the system. Each Buyer has their own login and password. They are not allowed to see any bid information submitted by vendors until after the bidding period has closed.

We periodically conduct a security audit of our systems to ensure the highest levels of security are maintained.

5. How do I get my company registered in the supplier database?

To register, go to the City Suppliers heading and click on the Supplier Registration Instructions link.

6. How do I update my record in the supplier database?

Registered suppliers can view their record at any time under the Supplier Database Search link and if changes need to be made they can go to the City Suppliers heading and click on the Update My Profile link.

7. What are the benefits of registering?

Registered suppliers will receive direct email notices for bids related to the commodity codes that they register and additionally, the database is used by Unified Government departments and development partners seeking lists of registered suppliers and contractors.

8. What are NIGP codes?

It is a five digit numbering system instituted by the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing to categorize goods and services.

9. My record was not approved and is in a “pending” status.

When registering it is important to upload a copy of your M/WBE certificate, a signed and dated W-9 form (for companies that have indicated these statuses) and have at least one NIGP code listed in order to have your record approved.

Bids/RFPs Related Questions:

10. How do I find out about bid/proposal opportunities?
You can find out about bids on a weekly basis by:

  • Utilizing the website for the Unified Government of Wyandotte County at Procurement and Contract Compliance Active Bids. You can search for Bids that interest you by using the Bids, RFP & Tabulations Search Engine. Simply hover your mouse over the yellow Bids and RFPs Area menu and select the Bids & Tabulation Search Engine item.

Additionally, you can make an appointment with the assigned buyer to talk about a particular opportunity and to let them know of your interest and capabilities in meeting the needs of the City. Their phone number is listed on the Notice to Bidder Section of the bid/proposal package.

11. Is there a fee for a bid package or proposal?

Any prints, bid package or proposal picked up at Public Works, Community Development, or Code Enforcement a fee will be applicable. A fee does not apply to the bid packages or proposals the Procurement and Contract Compliance office makes available.

12. Can I download bid/RFP documents without going through the supplier registration process?

No. You will not be able to download any documents from our website without properly registering and submitting the mandatory online registration form. Make sure your cookies on your system are enabled and the privacy settings on your browser is set to low to avoid the re-registration process every time you need to download bid documents. The Web Site Registration Form allows you to create an account used to get access to online bids and bid documents. It is also the account used to place online bids. All documents are available online for download and a hard copy can be obtained from Procurement and Contract Compliance. Here are the instructions on how to register for Bids & RFPs downloads:

  1. Our website is compatible to any PC with Microsoft Windows Operating System. Apple Macintosh users may encounter problems with online registration forms and downloads
  2. Use Internet Explorer to login to the Purchasing website
  3. Click on the Bids & RFPs tab
  4. Click on Online Bids & RFPs
  5. Scroll down and find the bid you are interested in downloading
  6. Click on the Bid Description
  7. Fill out the Bid Registration Form that appears on the screen
  8. If you have an issued City vendor number then enter it otherwise leave it blank until you obtain a vendor/supplier number
  9. Click inside the square box located before the bid description you are intending to download. You can select and print multiple bids if you like
  10. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and hit Submit
  11. The selected bids will now appear in a table and at this time you need to click on each Bid Description to move on to the next screen that lists the original bid document and any additional clarification letters that the bid may have
  12. Click on the bid document listed under the field Document to open it
  13. Print it and bring it with you to the Pre-Bid Conference Schedule
  14. Click on the Back button shown at the top left corner of the screen to return to the previous screen to select and print any additional clarification letters that the bid may have and attach them to the original bid document
  15. If you are downloading and printing more than one bid, hit the Back button twice to return to the screen labeled Confirmation Form to print the additional bids you have selected for download; otherwise, you are practically done at this point and are registered for the bid you selected.

13. How do I find out about bids for construction projects?

Some construction projects on our website others are handled through Public Works/Engineering Division, Community Development Department, and Code Enforcement Department. You will need to contact those departments for information and specifications regarding their bids.

Attending the pre-bid or pre-proposal conference will give you the opportunity to find out who is interested in bidding or proposing on a particular contract, or you can contact the assigned buyer.

14. Where do I turn in a bid or proposal?

All formal bids must be submitted by the specified due date and time, in duplicate, to the Procurement and Contract Compliance Department, City Hall, 6th floor, 701 N. 7th Street. The bid due date and time is specified in each bid/proposal package.

15. How do I find information about a bid or RFP?

Attending the Pre-Bid or Pre-Proposal Conference will give you the opportunity to ask questions about the specifications and general terms and conditions. This conference also allows for your guidance to find out who is interested in bidding or proposing on a particular contract, or you can contact the assigned buyer.

16. When and where do I locate your bid documents bid tabulations?

Bid tabulations are placed in the bid folder after an award has been made by Administration. You can search for the bid folder by bid name or bid number through our Search Engine.

17. How do I get paid for services or goods I provide to the Unified Government?

Submit your invoice to the billing department as specified on your purchase order. If you do not submit your invoice to the proper billing address, payment will be delayed. Do not forget to show the Unified Government Purchase Order Number on your invoice to expedite payment, and invoice exactly as shown on the purchase order.

Goods and/or services must be itemized as to quantity, part number, description and applicable discount. Invoices must show the department, division or section to which the goods and/or services were rendered.

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